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Q: How do I store phone numbers?
A: Saving a name and number is easy! Just enter the phone number, then press the STORE key, the blue key to the right of the menu key. Enter a name if you wish using the keypad keys and press OK.
Q: Where do I find my Serial Number?
A: To obtain your phone Serial Number (ESN), simply press MENU followed by the SELECT key, the blue key to the right of the MENU key. Using the arrow down key, scroll down to MY ESN and press the SELECT key.
Q: How do I charge my battery?
A: Plug the charger into a standard AC wall outlet then connect the other end of the charger into the bottom of your phone with the release tab facing up. When you charge the battery, the battery level indicator in the upper right corner of the phone display shows how much of the charging process is complete.
Q: How do I know how often to purchase and add airtime?
A: The redemption of TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime cards extends your active service 60 or 365 days from the date the card is added depending on the card denomination. Add airtime before your due date and your remaining minutes and service days will carryover and be added to your phone, up to a maximum of 120 days with any combination of regular airtime cards or 730 days with any combination of annual plan cards.
Q: How do I lock my phone to keep other people from picking it up and making calls?
A: The keyguard feature allows you to lock your phone's keypad so that accidental key presses have no effect. To lock and unlock your keypad, press MENU (*).
Q: Where can I find my phone number?
A: To obtain your wireless phone number, simply press the Menu key followed by the Select key. The Select key is the blue key to the right of the Menu key. Scroll down to MY Telephone Number and press the Select key.
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